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Unsolicited Testimonials from Buyers and Sellers

The Classified Trader has been providing classified ads for all types of vehicles on the Internet since 1995. Below are some of the unsolicited comments we have received about the The Classified Trader and our Classified web sites.

RVclassified.com Sale: YES
Your service was great, user friendly for the seller, flexible to make changes from time to time. Warning to other sellers - watch out for the scammers, there are alot of them. RV Classified has several warnings about scams - read them and pay attention to the advice.
Carol Carver

RVclassified Sale: YES
Douglas Johnson

RVclassified Sale: YES
Your site worked very well. I was only listed for a very short time.
Glinda G. Brown

RVclassified Sale: YES
A lot of good leads were generated by your ad
John Swisher

An RVclassified Sale: YES
We are very happy with your service. Listed and sold in under 3 weeks.
Ray Crawford

An RVclassified Sale: YES
Please cancel ad. Motorhome has sold due to YOUR advertisement.
Thank you very much.
Jim Ritchie

An RVclassified Sale: NO
Reasonable fees and great opportunity to advertize to a larger group of people.

An RVclassified Sale: NO I felt that we got good exposure with your site but the buyer indicated that he saw the ad in the local paper.
Thanks for everything.
Norman Wisor

An RVclassified Sale: YES
Your ad was most successful. Sold my Exceel Limited in two weeks to couple from Michigan. Thanks for the excellent website and the quick results.
Neil Hermance

An RVclassified Sale: YES
We are very pleased with this site. We sold our RV within 2 weeks of posting the ad. We will definitely recommend this site to others.
Ronnie Blevins

An RVclassified Sale: YES
It took awhile to find the right buyer, but neither of was would have come together without nation wide exposure. I found the site quite helpful and fairly easy to use.
Thank you.
Joe Geuss

An RVclassified Sale: YES Thank you for the service of keeping the ad running until it sold - big incentive for using rv classifieds over other services! And thanks for helping us sell our trailer!
Anthony Kissik

An RVclassified Sale: YES
Have used rvclassified several times very successfully!
lorraine mullen